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  考研英语阅读百分之八十都出自一些英美报刊杂志The Economist ( 《经济学家》 ), Times( 《时代周刊》等等,所以考生平时做阅读训练的时候可以多看看这些文章,比网校在线也会分享一些出自这些杂志的中英文双语阅读,大家可以看看。下面是关于联合国严厉制裁朝鲜的一篇文章,大家读读看。


  The European Union announced that it will provide700m ($760m) in aid to accommodate migrants incountries overwhelmed by the refugee crisis. Most ofthe money is expected to go to Greece. AngelaMerkel, Germany's chancellor, scolded Austria andother countries for clamping down on refugeearrivals, and vowed not to abandon Greece.

  欧盟宣布将向深陷难民危机的国家提供7亿欧元(7.6亿美元)的难民安置援助。该援助的一大部分将给希腊。德国总理安吉拉·默克尔(Angela Merkel)谴责奥地利等国家抵制难民入境的行为,并承诺不会放弃对希腊的援助。

  The leader of Spain's Socialist Party, Pedro Sánchez, failed in his first attempt to form aminority government with the upstart centrist Ciudadanos party. Both the centre-right PopularParty and the far-left Podemos party voted against the proposed coalition in parliament. If MrSánchez fails again in a second vote planned for March 4th, the caretaker government willprobably call new elections.

  西班牙工人社会党( Socialist Party)领导人彼得罗·桑切斯(Pedro Sánchez)与新兴中立公民党(Ciudadanos party)首次尝试组建少数党政府,但最终以失败告终。在议会上,西班牙中右翼人民党(Popular Party)和极左翼我们可以党(Podemos party )都对拟议的联合提出了反对。如果桑切斯在3月4日的第二次投票中再次失败,临时政府将很可能进行新的选举。

  Ireland's governing coalition of the Fine Gael and Labour parties suffered a stinging electoraldefeat, dropping from a combined 113 seats to 57. The opposition Fianna Fáil party, whichcame second with 44 seats, vowed not to join a coalition with Fine Gael, leaving no cleardirection for forming a new government.

  一场激烈的选举后,由爱尔兰统一党(Fine Gael )和工党(Labour parties )组成的执政联盟遭遇惨败,执政联盟的议席从113个跌到57个。反对党共和党(Fianna Fáil party)得到44个议席,列位第二,但该党承诺不会与统一党联盟,这使得新政府组建的局势不明朗。

  The EU and America revealed details of their proposed deal for companies to share digitalinformation, which replaces the Safe Harbour agreement that was thrown out by Europe'scourts. Officials said the deal contains measures to protect stricter European privacyguarantees.


  Argentina reached an agreement in principle to pay four of the largest creditors whose refusalto accept earlier debt-restructuring offers precipitated a default by the country in 2014.Argentina is to pay Elliott Management, a hedge fund, and three other holdouts $4.7 billion, 25% less than they are claiming. If the deal goes through, Argentina will be able to resumeborrowing on international credit markets.


  Police in Colombia arrested Santiago Uribe, the brother of álvaro Uribe, a former president, forallegedly leading a paramilitary group suspected of murdering criminals and anti-governmentguerrillas in the 1990s. Santiago Uribe denies the charges; his supporters say his arrest ismotivated by politics. álvaro Uribe, who is now a senator, opposes the government's plan toend the conflict with the FARC rebels.

  哥伦比亚警方逮捕了前总统阿尔瓦罗·乌里韦(álvaro Uribe)的哥哥圣地亚哥·乌里韦(Santiago Uribe),据称他在20世纪90年代领导了一个准军事组织涉嫌杀害罪犯和反政府游击队。圣地亚哥否认了这些罪名。他的支持者表示他是由于政治原因被捕。现为参议员的阿尔瓦罗反对政府与哥伦比亚革命武装叛军和解的计划。

  The Jamaica Labour Party won the country's election, defeating the governing People's NationalParty. Andrew Holness, Jamaica's new prime minister, campaigned against the PNPgovernment's austerity programme and promised to exempt from income tax 72% of theJamaicans who pay it.

  牙买加工党战胜人民民族党(People's National Party)赢得大选。牙买加新任总理安德鲁·霍尼斯(AndrewHolness)反对人民民族党政府的紧缩计划,并允诺免除牙买加人民72%的收入所得税。

  A ceasefire in Syria went into effect on February 27th. Despite numerous small violations, itappeared to be holding, allowing a smoother delivery of aid.


  In Iran moderates did well in elections to the parliament, inflicting defeats on hardliners despitetheir attempts to stop the moderates from standing. The parliament has only limited powers,but reformists were nonetheless cheered.


  Jihadists from al-Shabab killed at least 30 people when they detonated two bombs in the Somalitown of Baidoa.


  Concerns increased that civil war may break out in Burundi after protests and violence over adecision by Pierre Nkurunziza to run for a third term as president. In the latest escalation oftroubles, the government ordered all foreign nationals to give their details to the police.

  继皮埃尔·恩库伦齐扎(Pierre Nkurunziza)决定第三次竞选总统遭到民众抗议甚至引发暴力事件之后,国际社会越来越担心布隆迪可能会发生内战。在最近的冲突升级中,政府要求所有外籍人士须向警方报告自己的详细信息。

  Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe and the world's oldest head of state, celebratedhis 92nd birthday with a lavish party and a 92kg cake. Zimbabwe, which is suffering its worstdrought in decades, is near economic collapse and unable to pay civil servants.

  津巴布韦总统罗伯特·穆加贝(Robert Mugabe)举行奢华派对庆祝92岁生日。他是世界上年纪最大的政府首脑,生日当天做了一个92千克的生日蛋糕。正遭受数十年一遇旱灾的津巴布韦,经济处于崩溃边缘,公务员的工资也无着落。

  1.knock out 淘汰;击败

  例句:He predicated in rhyme, with unerringaccuracy, the round in which he would knock out hisopponent.


  2.hold out 坚持

  例句:Professional football and baseball players hold out if their team refuses to pay them whatthey think they are worth.


  3.tend to 倾向于

  例句:We all tend to overemphasize the purposes we feel most passionate about and neglectthe others. Churches do the same thing.


  4.pick up 捡起;接载

  例句:He would just pick up the phone and get foreign people to invest in his economy in SouthAfrica.