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  I. 校园学习生活 (课程、放假、打工、工作等等)



  E.g. Online education over school education

  (1)随时性:不局限于某个时间 can be given at any time

  (2)随地性:不局限于某个地点 can be given at any place

  (3)共享性:任何人只要注册均可享受 available to any one who has registered

  E.g. School Education over online education

  (1)可以有课堂讨论:discussion in class

  (2)可以随时问老师问题:ask a teacher question

  (3)有互动:a teacher may adjust easily

  Sample answer:

  I like online education better than the other choice for the following reasons.

  Well, first of all, online education means we can have access to it whenever we want either at home or in the library or any other place where we can go online. This means we no longer have to sit in the classroom with lots of other students all at the same time.

  You see, I am night person. I tend to go to bed late and get up late. So if the class is in the morning, probably I will miss it. But if it is online, it means I do not have to get up early and drag myself out of bed to travel to my classroom. I can even watch it in my bed.

  What’s more online courses give us a chance to watch for more than one time. Sometimes when we sit in a classroom, we may not understand some difficult part very clearly but we cannot rewind the lecturer. However, if it is online, we can play it as many times as we like until we fully understand the lecture. Isn’t it good news?



  E.g. Small class over big one

  (1)每个人都可以进行练习:plenty of exercises for everyone in class

  (2)可以采用多种形式的活动:arrange desks in U-shape or half-a-circle

  (3)更多的师生交流:more discussion between teachers and students

  E.g. Big class over small one

  (1) 交流机会多:have more chances to communicate

  (2)人多信息量大、许多想法:get more information, more ideas

  (3) 气氛活跃:enjoy good atmosphere in discussion

  Sample answer:

  I prefer a small class atmosphere like a seminar for the following reasons.

  Well I am postgraduate student majoring in Ancient Greek Literature. Most of the time we discuss what we have read from the reading list and exchange our ideas. If it is in a small group, it means everybody has the chance to express his/her ideas, which is almost impossible in a big class.

  Also, in a small class, we can play out some of the stories that we have read. By acting different roles in the stories, we have a deeper and better understanding of what we have read. But unfortunately it cannot be done in a big classroom. Or you have to wait for a very long time before it is your turn, probably for a whole semester or even longer.



  E.g. Yes to mobile

  (1)及时传递信息:instant communication, for example, pictures, text, videos

  (2)方便娱乐:play games at any time

  (3)帮助学习:go online to get information

  E.g. No to mobile

  (1)上课利用手机发短信聊天:get so distracted as to text messages in class

  (2)利用手机作弊:cheat in exams by using a mobile

  (3)总换新手机:keep buying new mobiles

  Sample answer:

  In my opinion, students should be allowed to carry mobiles to school.

  You see, mobile phones give us quick and instant information. For example, last time I forget my schedule and did not know which class to go to. But unfortunately there is only 20 minutes left before the class. So I just took out my mobile, called one of my classmates and found out which class to go to. The whole thing just cost me 1 minute. It is quick, isn’t it?

  Another reason I want say is that mobile phone can help us study. You see, my mobile has the function of going online. There was a time when I had to know the French word for garlic, but too bad, none of my mates knew how to say it in French. But I got hooked up online with my mobile and got the answer from Google within no time.

  So it is a great idea to take mobiles to school.



  思路:精英教育vs. 大众教育

  E.g. Open to all students

  (1)知识改变命运:get educated in college

  (2)增大就业机会:help to get better jobs

  (3)提高全社会的素质:help bring about a better society

  E.g. Open to some students

  (1)社会资源有限,只能培养少数人:to best use our limited educational resources

  (2)许多人上大学也不好好读书,是一种浪费:it is a waste of money and time for those who do not work in college

  (3)严格的教育培养出高质量的人才:good quality education will help cultivate talents most needed by our society

  Sample answer:

  As far as I am concerned, it is better for everyone to have the chance to go to college or university.

  You see, some very talented people cannot go to college simply because their family cannot afford it. But they are so clever and good at their study that if they receive college education they can become professors, scientists, engineers, doctors who will do good to our society.

  Liz Murray is a good example. She was homeless but later she worked so hard and got her scholarship to Harvard University.

  What’s more, if more people receive college education, later after graduation they may be able to help more people who cannot go to college or university simply because they do not have the money for it. I know a boy, Jason, who went to University with a scholarship as his family was too poor. Now he is working and he is helping students under similar conditions



  E.g. 体育课 P. E. lessons are important

  (1)增强体质:help students get a healthy body

  (2)更好的学习:help study better

  (3)学习新技能:learn how to swim, how to skate, etc

  E.g. no need for P. E. lessons

  (1)学生的主要目的是学习而不是体育课:the priority for a student is to exercise their brain not their body

  (2)体育课占据太多时间:sometimes students do not even have enough time to finish their homework

  (3)学生可以自由选择喜爱的运动,没有必要开体育课: sports that student like may vary, so it is difficult to cover every sport in a PE lesson

  Sample answer:

  I think it is necessary for students to have PE class in school. I have my reasons, here goes.

  A student comes to school not only to exercise his/her brain but also his/her body. You see, people always say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I totally agree with such a saying. Take me as an example, if I study all the time and do not have any physical exercise at all, my performance will drop and I will soon have a headache.

  What’s more, I think we can learn some skills like swimming, skating, basketball, football and many other things. Previously I could not swim and was afraid of water. But ever since I learned how to swim in my PE class, I can swim happily like a fish. My arms and legs are much stronger than before and I seldom catch a cold



  E.g. Music lessons are important

  (1)提高兴趣:music can be very interesting

  (2)提高品位:help one get better taste

  (3)帮助休息:help get relaxed

  E.g. Music lessons are not important

  (1) 学生的主要目的是学习而不是音乐课:the priority for a student is to exercise their brain not their ears

  (2)学生可以在课余时间自主选择想听的音乐,没有必要开音乐课:students may choose whatever they like to listen E.g. rap, pop, jazz, classic, etc

  (3)学生太忙没有时间上音乐课:students are too busy with their academic work, they have no time for music lessons

  Sample answer:

  I strongly believe music lessons are important for a student for the following reasons.

  You see, students come to schools not only to exercise their brains but also to develop their hobbies and interest. A lot of famous scientists know how to play music very well. For example, Einstein is a very good violinist; Madame Curie is not only good at science but also loves music.

  Besides learning music can help us relax in a better way. According to the New Scientist, researchers have found out that one can feel calm and relaxed when listening to Mozart. Some doctors use music to treat patients with mental diseases and they call it music-therapy. For example if I am tired I’d like to put on earphones to listen to my favorite piece Lambado which makes feel so good inside.


  Do you agree or disagree: Students should wear uniform in school?

  E.g. not wearing uniform

  (1)校服太难看:does not look good, makes one look like a prat

  (2)校服太贵:too expensive

  (3)校服不会长大:a child will grow bigger but a uniform does not

  E.g. Wearing uniform

  (1 )有自豪感:feel proud of the school

  (2)帮助培养团队精神: help build team spirit

  (3)容易使人想起学校的历史: remind the history of the school

  Sample answer:

  Honestly I don’t think it is a good idea for students to wear uniforms at school.

  First of all most of the uniforms do not look good, some even ugly. For example the color is always black, blue, or grey which is so dull and makes one look like an old person. The worst thing is that it is all in one style just like in an army.

  Also school uniforms will soon be too small to fit it. You see, students grow fast but school uniforms do not. Even it fits you well perfectly when you first put it on, in a few months you will find it too small or too short.

  What’s more, you will find it difficult for you to run or walk fast in a school uniform. It is so uncomfortable.


  你选择online courses还是traditional courses



  Choose subject which will lead to better job or subject in which you are interested?

  E.g. Subject that will lead to better job

  (1)不学习能找到好工作的课程是浪费时间: to study subjects that won’t help get better jobs is a waste of time and money

  (2)学习能找到好工作的课程学起来有动力: to study subjects that help get better jobs can be interesting, one has to find interest in them

  (3)学习能找到好工作的课程可以使人更贴近现实:to study subjects that help get better jobs means one is practical

  E.g. Subject that I am interested

  (1)有兴趣才能学得好:interest is the best teacher

  (2)兴趣可以和工作相结合:no contradiction between the two

  (3)兴趣可以增加学好其他学科的动力:help one do well in other subject once confidence is boosted

  Sample answer:

  In my opinion, we’d better pick up the subject that can help us find a better job.

  Well, we receive education in order to find a good job and to live a good life. For example, if too many people are learning Latin, which is a dead language, I doubt many of them will find suitable jobs after graduation. After all the job openings for Latin majors are limited.

  Besides, if we spend too much time learning the subjects that will not lead to good jobs, it will add burden to our society. I have a cousin, Alex, who did arts in college but now he cannot find a good job and had to stay at home with his parents although he is over 30 years old. It is a shame!





  Some people believe that students should focus their time on academic subjects. Others don’t think that learning academic subjects is enough. They believe that students should also learn other things such as movies and music. Which opinion do you think is reasonable, and why?



  Agree or disagree : A university student should do some part-time jobs or internships during his or her summer vocations to find a suitable job after graduation.


  E.g. yes to part-time job

  (1)使用专业知识:put knowledge into practice

  (2)增加社会经验:enrich one’s social experience

  (3)增加收入:more money

  (4)可以直接得到正式工作:get a formal job through internship or part-time ones

  E.g. no to part-time job

  (1)假期应该休息不应该打工:summer vocation is a good time to rest rather than working part-time

  (2)假期可以多读一些书而不是打工:one may read more in the summer rather than working

  (3)打工会使人疲劳:working in the summer may make one feel tired

  Sample answer:

  I firmly believe that university students should pick up some part-time jobs or internships during vocation.

  You know, we learn different subject in order to get a job after graduation. By doing some part-time job, we can not only put what we have learned in class into practice but also we can have some work experience. My friend, Jenny, a chemical major, did an intern job for an oil company last summer. Because she was doing well at the company, they gave her a formal job.

  What’s more, by doing a part-time job, we have a bit of extra money to do whatever we like to do. For example, last year I saved $1000 by being a part-time cleaner cleaning people’s apartments. This summer I plan to use this money to travel to Tibet where I have longed to go ever since I was a child.


  Agree or disagree: Students should be given one-year-long holiday before entering universities.


  E.g. Long holiday should be given

  (1) 需要长时间来缓解疲劳:need time to recover from the tiredness

  (2) 可以为上学做些准备:get more prepared for college life

  (3) 可以旅游或打工了解社会和自己:can travel or get a part-time job to know more about the society or oneself

  E.g. long holiday should not be given

  (1)太长的假期没有必要:one year is too long a time, a few months will be enough

  (2)假期太长会使人忘掉所学的知识:long vocation may render one less ready for university

  (3)长假期使人不想上学:long vocation makes one less willing to return to school

  Sample answer:

  I believe students should be allowed to have a one-year holiday for themselves before going to university.

  First of all, everybody has worked very hard in order to be accepted by a university, so almost everyone feels very tired after such a long time of preparation. They do need some time to relax and recover from the tiredness.

  Also students can take one-year off traveling to enrich their experience. For example, my friend Luca traveled to Europe and Asia for a year before going to university. When he returned, he brought us so many interesting stories and pictures that we all envy him a lot. He even brought a gift to me which was a stuffed toy panda from China.


  在准备report的时候,有人喜欢上网查资料,有人喜欢用printed materials. Which do you prefer and why?

  E.g. searching on the internet


  (2)信息量大:large quantities of information

  (3)最及时:most recent

  E.g. printed materials

  (1)阅读方便:easy to read than online materials

  (2)携带方便:can be put in a bag to be carried around

  (3)可以进行注释:can be written on

  Sample answer:

  I like the idea of doing research online for the following reasons.

  First of all, previously we have to go the library to check out books for our research. Usually we can only check out no more than 10 books at one time. But this is not enough. Sometimes we need more than that. Sometimes you have to wait long before the book you need is returned to the library.

  But doing online research will bring us as much information as we may need. For example, we can have as much information as in 20 or 30 books all in one day. And we can have them for as long as we want to because we can simply download it.

  Also online research brings us fast instant information that is previously almost inaccessible to us. For example, when the 9.11 tragedy happened I got the news online and saw the video of it on very same day.


  some think cell should be prohibited in certain conditions;Some think one can use cell phone anytime。




  参考06.11.19 /07.05.19





  在暑假期间有些学生愿意take courses,有些学生愿意take off or summer job,问你prefer哪种?



  one long vocation or several short vocations for students in a year ?



  学校是不是应该要求学生学习art &music课程